What features does eQuad offer in the Alpha phase?

We currently support the core Energy Efficiency Project Valuation module, which allows you to input technical details of an energy efficiency project and have it evaluated in terms of cash flows, internal rate of return and net present value. The result of the Project Valuation module is a project report which contains the most important details and financial parameters of a project.

Additionally, the Document Management System is functional and can be tested, even though all document templates for the eQuad Verification process are not currently uploaded on the platform.

Other core modules will be available in one of the next updates (after March):

  • The HSB Performance Insurance Module¬†
  • The IREE Certification Module
  • RES and Demand Response/Energy Management section for Project Valuation

At the moment you can try out certain features of the modules mentioned above, but have in mind that these modules are not fully integrated and functioning.