Not "saving" Site data, after confirmed registration

Hello, as it seems I am testing the platform after a demo from Stefan, great work team! I did confirm my registration, but it seems I still cannot save my project's "Site". I hit the "Save" but then the whole input data is lost and nothing appears in my list of "Sites".



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Hi Vassili,

I repeated the data input. It seems ok.

I do not recall an error message. Maybe I used a comma (0,35) instead of dot (0.35) for the price of Ngas so the system could not come back with a result (Total energy=...) and probably did not save the input.

Just for 'user convenience' I would request you & your team considering to allow the system "hold in memory" (my computer's cache probably) the input data for similar input, to make things easier when filling in all details..

Anyways, thank you for support - I will keep on the testing!

Have a nice SouKou

okay this must have been the problem since the platform supports only the international floating format. You might have missed the validation error because it appears at the top of the window and some times you need to scroll up to see it. We are aware of this situation and we will provide an enhancement in one of the next platform versions. 

Regarding the usability issue of keeping data in computer let me elaborate on this a bit. We have designed and built the project management workflow as a multi-page following the stepped forms (from General info to site , ecms, etc.) for two reasons. The 1st and most important is that the early inputted data influence the later data, for example site data are depended on the general info data and ECM data on the site data. The 2nd is that this is the recommended solution when you have large amount of data entry and it seems kind of logical to break down the process into smaller sections presented one at a time. Now regarding the "keeping of data" in the forms, data are only kept in a specific step of a process i.e when you are editing the site's information. This is handled as one multi-page so if you exit the Sites, all the data inputs will be lost if not previously saved. This is because we are not using web cookies. As you may know most of the web browsers support the usage of cookies (small piece of data stored by the web browser in the user's computer). Cookies can be used to remember arbitrary pieces of info that the user previously entered into form fields such as names or addresses etc. However, although cookies as you correctly pointed out offer "user convenience", there are serious security concerns for not using them since security holes have been found in many web browsers. 

thanks for helping us improve the app!

i wish you a nice SK too!


Hi Anastasios,

Most probably either required site info is missing or the submitted info is not in the correct format. When clicking "save" does any validation error message appears at the top of the window?

Best Regards,